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Program Dates
Sep 26 - Dec 16, 2022
Nov 14 - Feb 10, 2023
Full-Time Program

UX/UI Bootcamp

Get a premiere user experience and user interface education using our live, online bootcamp. Learn how structure and design the digital products of tomorrow.

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Our Course Offerings

The University of New England's UX/UI bootcamp uses a fine-tuned approach to teaching UX processes and tools that leave students ready to enter a career in product design.

Project-Based Coursework

You and your peers will work together to design real technology. Applying your knowledge to projects and exercises as soon as you learn it raises your retention.

Networking & Career Coaching

Our 1-on-1 career coaching program will give you the support you need to find your next job in tech. Access a network of employers through the UNE.

Experienced Teachers

With plenty of practice keeping students inspired and engages, our professors will be with you every step of the way during this synchronous online course.

Career Preparation

Our curriculum is a proven path to new careers for our students. By teaching the most widely used technologies, as well as the methods behind them, you'll be as prepared as you can be.

Our User Experience & User Interface Curriculum

You'll learn both UX and UI, meaning that you'll end the program with a  holistic skillset in interface design to help technology intersect with its users.

Module 1

Introduction to Digital Design

The goal of product design is to give users the best possible experience. In order to that, you'll need to know what questions to ask to tailor a product's structure and design to the end user. You'll build core design problem solving skills through human-centered design exercises. These will be cemented with an exploration of popular user research methods with more exercises. Usability is on the horizon.

Module 2

Iterative Design Process

The following weeks will introduce you to iterative design, which is how digital products are build using feedback from user testing and design exploration. Your favorite web apps and products all have an internal design logic to them, and you'll learn to recognize this, and evaluate them accordingly. You'll learn how to create information architecture models, sketch wireframes, and build screen flow diagrams on the UX side of things, and you'll base these on user stories that you construct.

Module 3

User Research

Synthesizing your collected research to a comprehensive understanding of your design is at the crux of a good user experience. You'll set performance goals and evaluate them as you make your way towards a great user experience and interface. As you collect results and user feedback, you'll have more information to make design and functionality edits with. The result will be a story of your user research findings that will allow you to convey the goal to developers.

Module 4

Final Projects

The final project is a way for you to leave the program with an immediate tool to show to future employers. By working through real industry challenged with your new design thinking knowledge, you'll learn how putting the user first brings your users back for more. Your final prototype, and a presentation of the process it took to put it together, will be a great cornerstone of your UX/UI portfolio.

tech bootcamp student at laptop

Download the Syllabus

Get in-depth information about course content.

Career Services

Our tried-and-true methods consistently give students great opportunities to find their next career switch.

1-on-1 Coaching

You'll meet UX/UI professionals to give you crucial next steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile and resume, alongside giving you interviewing best practices.


Your new peers will join you in networking event and mentorship programs to make your career leap that much easier.

Job Search Strategy

With years of experience behind us, our career counselors have the expertise to help you find a role for your individual interests.

Tuition & Financing

Pay Up Front

Make a $500 deposit and pay the rest of your tuition before your training begins. Career Bootcamp participants receive a $500 discount when paying in full 30 days before the start of your program.

Bootcamp Loans

Available for qualifying participants. You can apply for a loan through our partner, Ascent. Use the Budgeting Calculator to design a plan that works best for you.

$500 Down
Pay When You’re Hired

Available for qualifying applicants in full-time Career Bootcamps. With the ISA program offered through Stride, you pay back your tuition in manageable monthly installments only once you’ve landed a job making $35,000 per year or more. See how you can access the Income Share Agreement program.

Pay In Installments

12-month, zero-interest payment plan through EdAid.

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