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Program Dates
Oct 10 - Dec 14, 2022
Part-Time Program

User Experience Ignition

It's never been easier or more convenient to get a formal introduction to user experience design.

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Our Course Offerings

The University of New England's UX Ignition program uses a fine-tuned approach to teaching user experience design that leaves students ready to enter a career in tech.

Project-Based Coursework

You and your peers will work together to design real technology. Applying your knowledge to projects and exercises as soon as you learn it raises your retention.

UX Design Certificate

Receive a certificate with the University of New England's Ignition program to prove your knowledge.

Experienced Teachers

With plenty of practice keeping students inspired and engages, our professors will be with you every step of the way during this synchronous online course.

In-Demand Skillset

Our curriculum teaches the same widely-used technologies employed around the globe.

Our UX Curriculum

Our twice-weekly evening courses guide you through a new UX method every week, bringing you to an intermediate understanding of UX Design in ten weeks.

Weeks 1 - 4

Introduction to User Experience

This course starts with an introduction to user experience design from the standpoint of human-centered design thinking. By placing users first, you can make sure digital products function as intended. Your first UI design principles will combine with your UX knowledge as you approach your first design challenge. The best practices of user research will also be taught in this section.

Weeks 5 - 7

Prototyping and Usability

Prototyping is a fundamental technique of user experience design. Starting with paper prototyping, you'll begin learning how to design wireframes for digital products. You'll also be introduced to computer software to make the prototyping experience as seamless as possible. User research will help determine the design edits made during the prototyping phase as you design towards a usable and accessible digital product.

Weeks 8 - 10

Iterative Design - Final Project

The course finishes your foundational knowledge by bringing iterative design into the fold. This is where user testing comes into play, which is one of the most efficient tools in a UX Designer's belt for optimizing a product for the end user. Your final project will apply your learnings to a real industry problem to find a design solution using your newly minted UX skills. Presenting your solution will round out your course experience with all the practical knowledge a user experience designer needs.

tech bootcamp student at laptop

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Get in-depth information about course content.

Tuition & Financing

Full Tuition

You and your peers will work together to develop real technology. Applying your knowledge to projects and exercises as soon as you learn it raises your retention.

Ignition Loans

Available for qualifying participants. You can apply for a loan through our partner, Ascent. Use the Budgeting Calculator to design a plan that works best for you.

Pathways Scholarship

Graduates who successfully complete a Career Ignition program are eligible for a $4,000 scholarship that can be applied toward a Career Bootcamp.

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10-Week, Part-Time

UX Ignition
October 10 - December 14, 2022
Tues & Thurs, 6 pm - 9 pm EST
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